Paper Quilling Crafts and Patterns for Beginner

Firstly, paper quailing is the art of taking the thin strips from the colored papers, then start to roll them into the coil and pinching them to get a shape, finally glue them together to make the paper objects and designs. Quilling is a very affordable art that you once you try, you will be tempted to make your next hobby. All you need is a paper and glue to make things are pretty and stunning. Here some crafts with quilling paper patterns for the beginner.

Paper Quilling Monogram

You can play and experiment with different techniques and shapes in order to make an easy and effective monogram. After you get your outline, then the creative freedom all yours.

An autumn tree for greeting card

You are able to celebrate your autumn season by sending the greeting cards to your friends with the beautiful quilling autumn tree. Even, if you have made it before, then you can make this card in no time as well. The simple design will show you with elegance and the best part is this tree is so easy to make. So, these crafts with quilling paper can be used as your reference. Choose your best one and let’s try.


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