Making the First Day of Preschool Scrapbook

There are so many themes for your scrapbooks, one of the special ones that your little kid will appreciate later on. this is the first day of school scrapbook. You might often capture family vacations, birthday and such, but you might not always think to make the scrapbooking for the first big day of school. There are some ideas for preschool scrapbook layouts that you can use.

Decide the time span for your first day of school scrapbook

Whether you think yo make the scrapbook of your kid’s first day of preschool or kindergarten. If you are thinking the first option, then you want to use an album which contains a few layouts. If you want to capture the first day school of your kid, then you have to invest in her or his schooling. You should divide the pages evenly so that you have the same layouts for each school year.

Items that you will include in your first day of school 

There are so many interesting ideas of school scrapbook page ideas that you need to consider. There are some ideas based on the school year kid is in. You can choose your best preschool scrapbook layouts based on your theme.

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