How to Save Money on Cheap Scrapbook Ideas

You definitely can save money on cheap scrapbook ideas. Other than that, you can always save money for any idea of making a scrapbook. In this article, we have tips on saving money while making a scrapbook. Besides, a good-looking scrapbook does not have to be expensive after all.

When you will decorate the cover of your scrapbook, you better use washi tapes. Using fabric would be a better option but if you do not want to then you can turn to washi tapes. Washi tapes are patterned tapes so you can mix and match the pattern to decorate the cover of cheap scrapbook ideas. If you want to go cheap by not giving protectors to the album page, you may consider using a bunch of strong adhesives. Besides, you better limit the use of bulky embellishments on each page.

When you make the layouts of cheap scrapbook ideas, you better use any found materials such as greeting cards, colorful clothing tags, paint chips, and so on. It would be a series of cute embellishments without spending too much money. Patterned papers are pricey. You better make the pattern on your own by using watercolors to paint polka dots, stars, hearts, and other simple shapes.

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