Girl Scrapbook Layouts Ideas

We all know that sugar and spices and anything nice – that’s what these girl scrapbook layouts ideas can be your reference. You can choose based on your style, mood, and favorite theme.

Making Puffy-Paint Theme 

You can use ordinary patterned paper with the puffy paint. You should always avoid any busy pattern by applying the puffy paint on one or two design elements. So, let your paint getting dry completely before you just get a new color to avoid the stains.

Show off your smile 

You can play with the beautiful face of your daughter in the cute background and sunny layout. You can choose the blooming designs along with the chipboard flowers and glitters anywhere. You can make the patterned paper frame for the photo corners while chipboard hearts anchored in the patterned-paper tab.

Writing sweet words journaling 

You can make the fairy-tale journaling to make the entertaining change. You can use the romance words to describe the tale of the damsel or great adventure with the happy ending inside. You can write down your silly little princess in once upon a time style. There are many ways to make your own girl scrapbook layouts with the romantic theme that you love.

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