Easy quilling paper crafts guide for beginner

Quilling paper crafts is beautiful art that takes thin strips paper, rolled into a coil and pinch to form them a certain shape and glue the shapes together to create any paper craft designs and objects. The best way to start quilling papercraft is from searching inspiration for your crafts.

The first quilted craft idea is teardrop quilled vase that easy to create for a beginner. This craft just glues the teardrop shapes in gradient color into a white ceramic vase. Still, with teardrop quilled paper, you can also create this beautiful earring that will enhance your style every day. For your necklace quilled paper craft, you can make from eye shapes around the circular coil and formed the flower with an attached pearl in the center. Add more pearl in both sides of flower thread.

Next craft idea that will be good home decor or as a present gift is the quilled paper frame. This craft just attaches the quilled paper flower around the plain frame. Still, work with the frame, you can create the initial monogram. Fill the monogram with different quilling shapes. Send the quilled paper card to your friend or colleague is a personal and best treasure. This quilling paper card can be a value decoration when you send as a gift.


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