Easy papercrafts ideas for kids you want to try

Do you need papercrafts ideas for kids as assessment or for your kid’s projects on holiday? There are several ideas of papercrafts that you can make. Papercraft is cheap and you can find the material easy in a stationery shop and craft shop. You even can make a craft from old newspaper, magazine, milk cardboard or others.

The first idea is using cardboard and creates colorful cardboard zoo animals. To make this, you will need leftover cardboard, animal’s template, craft paint, glue, pipe cleaners, and paintbrush. Trace the animal templates and cut out the cardboard. Paint the animals. After it dried, cut the pipe-cleaner tusks and tail. Secure the cardboard with glue based on the templates. Cut the pipe-cleaner tails and tusks. Secure to the cardboard using glue according to the templates. Cut the slits according to the template and assemble the animals.

The paper heart penguin craft is another idea that you can make with your children. The craft can be hanged on the front door of the bedroom or in the wall. Download the penguin heart template. Add the googly eyes and the beak. For the beak and feet it’s made from orange heart paper shape. If your kid is female, then you can add the ribbon in the penguin.


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