Easy creative papercraft work for children

Make your children holiday fun and creative by challenge your children to finish papercraft work for children project. The first idea you can make with your children is a rocket spacecraft. To make this, roll the rectangle shape of scrapbook paper into a cylinder and seal with washi tape in the seam. Cut 4 of one inch long slits into the end of the cylinder and space them evenly around the edge.

The next idea is paper rolls owls pencil holder. This is the papercraft that not only simple to make but also result in one item that useful for stores your pencil and other stuff.  First, cut out the top side of the paper roll with the curves both in front and back side. Wrap the paper roll with patterned card stock. Cut the circle shape and make half. Attach the half circle in the front side in left and right as wings. Add beak with triangle shape paper and big owl eyes.

The papercraft work helps your children to develop any skills. This will develop your children in motoric and creativity skills. You can give them a template project with paper and ask them to add their creative ideas on the template.


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