Awesome papercraft lamp design for home décor

There are many ideas and design of papercraft lamp that you can make for home décor and beautiful light accent in your backyard and porch. If you want to make a paper lamp on your own, these ideas below can help you to inspire creativity.

The first idea is the geometric paper lamp. The lamp is made from cardboard material. It is simple and easy to make. Just prepare the cardboard and make the rectangle shape. Glue the rectangle with different angle position from the top and down strip alternate position. Next, if you have a paper cup, then make this paper cup lamp. Glue the paper cup into the lamp and you can engrave the paper cup to create the effect of light.

You also can make modern papercraft lamp with patterned craft paper. This cyclone paper lampshade is a great lamp for your porch. It is easy to make by combining the paper cyclone shape attached to the paper lampshade. The newspaper pendant lamp is the other inspiration to create unique lamp shade. Roll the newspaper and get a different length. Attach to the wreath with the sunburst end. Attach the sunburst wreath newspaper into the pendant lamp to create as the lampshade for the lamp.


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