Awesome papercraft cards ideas to send

Make your own unique paper craft cards ideas to invite friends to your party or to greeting any occasion such as Christmas, mother or father day, graduation or many more. You can make cards from the simplest folded card into cutting and paper mixed cards for an expert crafter.

Start from the simple folded cards craft ideas, you can start with this simple heart pop-up cards design. This pop-up card design combines the colorful heart in inside and cutting heart spread in the card. Next level, play with scissors and start cut the beautiful shape to form the design for your cards. You can start with the simplest flower paper and vase template, mache-paper Dad/mother card, and many more. The other simple craft card design is using stamps. The stamp is the easiest way to make a pattern for the plain card paper and also to design your card. You can combine stamp with other paper craft technique such as cutting or quilted.

For the expert crafter, you can make a greeting quilled papercraft. Quilling paper card craft is beautiful card craft that will make the accepter amazed. You can get quilling template design for the card and then start to craft the paper quilling card.


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