Amazing Paper Crafts

When it comes to the crafting for kids, then there is one magic material which always comes, paper. Whether it’s paper construction, newspaper, computer paper, then your art supply will be never complete without this special supply. That’s why this article shares amazing paper crafts which spotlight paper in a bigger way, come from the cootie catchers to the garlands for the festive hats.

The fork tulips

Who said that your crafts need a brush to paint? This art activity will celebrate the spring with the paint print and the fringe of green grass. You can learn how to make these cute tulips.

Mosaic Paper

So, let your kids get their fun mosaic papers and you only need the simple paper of shamrocks which covered with the colorful squares for a unique and handmade craft.

Making origami transformer

Might be your kids will feel the same thing when they obsessed with the transforming ninja stars. Firstly, you need to make the eight parallelograms become the wheel, them push and pull out the sides to turn them into the star.

A book monster

if you have the budding bookworm in your family, then this cute project can be your best answer. There are many spaces for creativity to make amazing paper crafts.

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