A Baby Book Scrapbook for a Photo Album

The documentation of the baby’s growth is very important for many parents. This way, they often take their baby’s pictures and then put them in the album. One day, when the bay has been grown into an adult, they can just see the pictures anytime they want. So, are you interested to have such a baby’s album? This way, a baby book scrapbook is a very good idea.

The scrapbook can be created from some unused materials including the carton paper, colored papers, and ornaments like ribbons, buttons, and beads. The baby’s pictures are placed there, sheet per sheet, and they are surrounded by the ornaments. Sure, it is recommended to form and attach the ornaments with baby’s theme. There should be extra cuteness to apply coming from colorful themes and cartoon stickers.

To adorn the scrapbook more, the pop-up paper idea can be added. What is it? It is something like an ornament that is floating out when the book is opened. The pop-up ornament should not be featured in every sheet of the book for sure. One or two pop-ups are enough to make the book look more stunning. It needs more attempts to create it but the final result of this baby book scrapbook must be really satisfying.

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